End of an era

Dear Customer

As many of you will be aware Universal Automotive has gradually been downsizing its business as a result of a number of market changing initiatives by Competitors and Suppliers over the last two years, notwithstanding an increasing number of bad debts and most significantly  the end of Universal’s Lease in Kidderminster.

However during the last weeks as a result of a number of different commercial situations  I have decided  now to close operations completely at the end of March.  This decision has been a difficult one to make having built the business up over approx. 20 years , but in light of the information I have it seems the best course of action .  I have taken the decision to close the  business in an orderly and organised  fashion and not enter into any formal arrangement as I believe this is the correct way to do things.  However, in order for us to do this I need our customers help and I ask you as customers to treat us with the same level of  respect we have  treated our suppliers, employees and you our customers over the past years.   In order to help the Company fulfil its obligations it is necessary that we collect all Company debts and I would appreciate if all customers adhere to terms and respect the way I am conducting our closure.


Dayco will be contacting  all customers directly as to their plans  from the 1st April , please call Ivan on 003901256741309, to place orders.

Brembo and Monroe

Brembo and Monroe sales will currently be operated from Universal Automotive 01562 512512.


Veco will be available from Bettaparts www.bettaparts.co.uk 01274 682708.


All other products are available from the retrospective manufacturers.


I have enjoyed the whole of my time growing Universal over the past 20 years , but alas all good things come to an end.  I have a great bunch of staff who have supported me and I know you as customers have also appreciated them, and I am glad to say that because of our structured process over the last weeks  most have them have all found new employment.

In the meantime may I take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support during 2015 and best of luck in the future.  If anyone wishes to talk to me directly please feel free to call .

Kind Regards,


Nick Davies

Managing Director

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